Press release April 10th, 2017.

Cosimi Corleto, STIL CEO,

elected President of Collège Français de Métrologie

The general assembly of the Collège Français de Métrologie (CFM, French industrial association gathering people concerned by measurement) took place on March 23rd, 2017 in the offices of Colas Ecoliant in Magny les Hameaux (France): The annual meeting was followed by a friendly get-together and a visit of Colas´ R&D labs as well as their development and test center for the famous solar road.

This meeting presented the opportunity to proceed with the annual election of the CFM administrators and board members.

And as for France, it is also a presidential election year at the CFM!

After 3 years of a successful presidency by Bernard Larquier, CEO of BEA Métrologie, a new president has just been elected: It is Cosimi Corleto, STIL CEO, who accesses to this position at the age of 52 with nearly 30 years´ experience in the metrology world.

Armed with a trade school diploma completed by engineer schooling at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, Cosimi nurtures his career from Renault R&D Department to Valeo, before joining the ranks of Schlumberger as a sales engineer then as business development manager in France. While advancing through his career, Cosimi was named in 2007 Measure & Vision Departments President at SYMOP (Syndicate of Production Techniques and Machines) where he gives a new momentum through numerous actions for the new Industrial France.

In 2015, he decides with his financial partner to buy back STIL, French company operating as creator and manufacturer of optical sensors in order to insure its international development. In 2016, STIL receives its Research Tax Credit entitlement, as well as its “Créative France” label and launches a hack growth in Asia. At the start of this year, STIL also became a pilot company for the French counterpart of the European “Factory of the Future” (FoF) project and sees itself doubling its turnover by 2020.

A new impulse for the Collège Français de Métrologie with Cosimi Corleto at the helm for the next 3 years: Ambition 2020 for the CFM too!

The administration council also welcomes 3 new administrators: Benoit Gottié from Safran Aircraft Engines, David Hamel from Renault and Marie-France Radenez from Carl Zeiss. Other members are representatives of the following companies or organizations: A3P, A+ Métrologie, Paris Airports, BEA Métrologie, Cetiat, Cofrac, Comma Consulting, CT2M, Metrology Group MFQ Franche Comté, Metrology Group AFQP Nord Pas de Calais, Yves Rocher Group, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Implex, IMQ-TVT Innovation, JRI, LDA02, LNE, Métrique, Métrologie Grand Sud, Métro-Logix, Aquitaine Metrology Cluster, Protime, PSA Group, Trescal, Wika Instruments.

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